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Imatra autumn

Ancer's Right Reward

Ancer's Right Reward

Ancer's Night Shadow
Photo M.Alkua

October Joensuu

2.9.2012 Other hobbies

Jarmo very very happy!!!!!

Ancer's Sunshine & Tribute

Senni was best in show in matchshow!

29.2.2012 End of hunting season

Thanks for photos!

Ancer's Gleewi

and sister Ancer's Gaia
Photo Esko Joronen

19.2.2012 We have ESS puppies

Ancer's One More Time has a litter with 2 liver-white males and 6 females (5 black-white and one brown-white). Prixi is a happy and loving mom to her newborn puppies.

17.2.2012 Hip result

Ancer's One Way Ticket, hips are A-A (Best Possible)

11.2.2012 Elimäki (spaniel hunting test)

Ancer's Inspiration open 3

Ancer's Inspiration "Pate"


Ancer's Incredible Ida ans Ancer's Perfect Rose eyes clear.

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